Noorul Hasan, AIR 625, CSE 2014 (IPS)



Basic Education – I belong to a very small village named Harraypur, District – Pilibhit ( UP ).My basic education up to 8th class was completed in government School i.e. Primary and Secondary schools of my village in Hindi Medium. From 6th Class, I started learning English Alphabet. Later on I did my 9th and 10th from Gurunanak Higher Secondary School ,Bhaisah Dist-Pilibhit.After completing my 10th we shifted in Bareilly as my father got Group  job in Bareilly . Here I took admission in Manohar Bhushan Inter College and completed my 10+2. Though I was in Hindi medium but  I remained topper in almost all the classes.

How I improved myself from a Hindi medium background to English

I completed my B.Tech from Aligarh Muslim University in the year 2009.This was the place where I developed myself and prepared my personality for civil service and corporate world.

Firstly, for improving English we formed a forum called Illumini (a peer group of 10 friends) where we used to discuss the various national and international issue. In this forum we used to conduct mock interviews, GDs, debate etc. This forum has prepared my personality for CSE and other exams.

I was also the part of a college forum called @INGENIOUSSOLUTIONS right from the first year. In this, I worked for 4 years continuously and learned many things including how to speak English. This was the forum where seniors advised juniors to improve their personality and prepare them for future job opportunities. This was extremely useful for my personality development.

I was also part of University Literary Club but here I was not in any leadership role but learned many things from students who used to come to participate in Essay writing,Debates,Extempore,Quizzing etc.

Other than that I improved myself by participating in various literary activities as well as in sports activities of college and various residential Halls.

Thus I used AMU’s resources in the best possible manner to improve myself. So the ground work for civil service was already done in AMU .

Preparation of UPSC –After working 14 months in Siemens and 1 year in Department of Atomic Energy I realized I need to start preparation as I wanted to contribute to the society in a better manner as well as I was not satisfied with my professional advancement .So I started preparation in the year 2012. I did not join any coaching. I was full time working during my preparation phase. In 2013, I have given my first serious attempt (though first attempt was in 2012 where I could not clear prelims)and alhamdolilah I was able to crack Prelims ,and mains though in interview I could not score well (121 out of 275).Because of interview I could not make it in the final list. But I again started my preparation with full energy and in 2014 exam I was able to crack this it with rank 625 (Allocated IPS). Moreover this time I scored 190 marks in interview. I have taken English medium for all the stages of exam although I was from pure Hindi medium background. It was possible because I worked really hard to improve myself during my 4 years stay in AMU.

Message to Youth and Civil Service Aspirants-

  1. Dream as big as possible but always prepare yourself for Plan B. Even after plan B, Plan C must be there. As in my case if I could not get success in civil I was having my alternate career in Department of Atomic Energy.
  2. Decide your destination as early as possible and start working towards it.
  3. In my opinion Success=Summation of each day work carried out for years

As in my case I worked a lot in my college to improve my personality and learning English. So you ll have to introspect your weakness and ll have to work upon them for years. So divide your target in the years, months, weeks and days and move ahead a little everyday. Achieve something every day.

  1. For achieving your goal you need not be very intelligent .You need not be the best among your peers but you need to have passion to achieve your goal. As I was from very normal schools but I was having passion to achieve my target and I worked hard for that.
  2. There is no discrimination with Muslim Youth/or with anyone in civil services .If you are having knowledge and expertise, you can crack any exam.
  3. Try to get best possible guidance from your seniors .It is always better to learn from the experience of others rather than wasting your own time for years.
  4. Never get demoralize from failures. Civil service exam is the test for patience and self-confidence. So fail but fail better every time.  In the end, you’ll get success.

Prelims strategy-

It is one of the trickiest part of whole exam where one has to work really hard. Now only General Studies paper-1 counts in final ranking thus even one mark is very important. For general strategies my strategy was as follows–

  1. Indian Polity-Laxmikanth (2-3 time reading)
  2. Modern History-Spectrum+NCERT(Bipin Chandra)
  3. Ancient history and culture-NCERT +CCRT website
  4. Geography-6-12th NCERT +Barnwal
  5. Economic-9-12 NCERT+Ramesh Singh book
  6. Environment-Ncert+IGNOU notes
  7. Science-9th and 10th ICSE books of biology .I did not study physics and chemistry
  8. Current Affairs-The Hindu+All India Radio+Rajya Sabha TV
  9. India Year Book+Economic Survey+Budget
  10. Practice of objective through whatapps group

Mains Exam

Optional Strategy(Public Administration)-

For public administration I started with Prasad and Prasad .After completing this book I purchased Mohanty ‘s Class notes from Mukherjee Nagar. After completing these two things I did advance study of selected topic from following books-

Paper 1-

  1. Naidu’s book on public Administration (for understanding basic terminology of public admin)
  2. Mohit Bhattacharya(Bible of Public Ad)
  3. Fadia and Fadia (for very few topics)
  4. Public Administration-1 by Mr Aribam(KBC nano publication)
  5. IGNOU’s MPA notes(for few topics)
  6. IGNOU’s video (
  7. CEC/UGC video (
  8. IIPA jounal(not in depth)
  9. A lot of discussion on Administrative thinkers with my friends Owais Jafri , Faraz , Arsalan.

Paper 2

  1. Laxmikant for Indian Polity (already coverd in GS)
  2. Rajni Goyal and Arora
  3. Awasthi and Awasthi
  4. Public Administration-2 by Mr Aribam(KBC nano publication)
  5. 2nd ARC report(only recommendation)
  6. IIPA journal(selected)
  7. The hindu and Rajya Sabha TV for current affairs
  8. Discussion with my friend on each and every topic

Beside that I did lot of practice of previous 5 years papers. I also joined a test series .


GS strategy

GS is my one of the strongest area as I am reading newspaper right from 5th class(Hindi paper in those days). I used to listen news and TV debates. Thus I was already having opinion on various issues and during preparation phase I followed newspaper (Hindu),All India Radio,Rajya Sabha TV and Internet extensively.

GS Paper 1

  1. Culture- CCRT and NCERT Ancient
  2. World Hitory-Old NCERT of Arjun Dev+some discussion with friends
  3. Modern History-Bipin Chandra +Ncert old one
  4. History after Independence-Bipin Chandra
  5. Societ-NCERT and newspaper+Ram Ahuja’s books for selected topics
  6. Geography-NCERT old(6,7,8,9,10,11,12)+Barnwal

GS Paper 2

  1. Indian Polity-Laxmikanth
  2. Other part was already covered in Public Administration
  3. Selected topic from Internet
  4. IR –from Newspaper+Vajiram class note
  5. Newpaper+Rajya Sabha+all India radio
  6. Discussion with friends

GS Paper 3

  1. Indian Economy-NCERT 9-12th +Ramesh Singh +Uma kapila for selected topic3.
  2. Newpaper+Rajya Sabha+all India radio
  3. Selected topic from Internet
  4. Science and Technology-Vision Ias compilation+newspaper
  5. Internal Security-IDSA book+newspaper
  6. Discussion with friends

GS Paper 4

  1. Subbarao books on ethics
  2. Insight India ‘s class notes
  3. Case studies from Menzel
  4. Case studies’ discussion with friends

EssayThis is my weakest area .I only wrote 3-4 essays .So I advice aspirant to write at least 10 essays before appearing for mains and get it checked by experience teacher.

Interview- The most important part of this exam is personality test. You can’t make personality overnight .So you have to work throughout your life to prepare for this. Thus one has to work on his personality while in school or college.As I have involved in number of activities during my college days in Aligarh Muslim University so I was at ease in this part.

I have completed each and every part of my biodata. Few areas are as follows

  1. My village ,district I lived and State
  2. Schools I attended and college,university.
  3. My engineering Background.
  4. My Fathers’s profession.
  5. My work experience(Siemens and Nuclear energy)
  6. Muslim issues+some controversial issues
  7. Current affairs

Interview Transcript

Background – Electrical engineering
Working in Nuclear Power Corporation
Chairman – Prof H C Gupta

Chairman-1.why was protest at kundankulam.
2. Why in  india ,there is  protest everywhere even if one wants to establish niddle making plant.
3.what can be done to stop protest.
4.what is the level of electricity generation in india
5.what is electricity deficit?
6. how many nuclear power plant are there in india?how many power station? much power generated  through nuclear energy what is the percentage of it ?
8.which country generate largest electricity using nuclear fission
9.why is in india state not purchasing electricity from power grid
1.Do u know about parliamentary privelege.Tell me what are those why are these incorporated in constitution.
2.who ll take action n what action if a parliamentarian misbehave in parliament.
3.can police act against member of parliament during session
4.what is magna carta ?what was its relevance.
5.what is fundamental right? difference with dpsp
6.what is human right ,legal right ,n fundamental right
7.can supreme court advice government? How? recent example of any such advice(2G case)
Member2. much electricity ll b needed if in india all the villages and industry be given 24*7
2.swings bowling principle
3.some background question

Member 3
1.what is group discussion what quality it checks…
2.Turbine n principle of generation of electricity
3.what are parts of generators?how 3phase power is generated…
4.some more on group discussion n electrical engineering
Member 4
1.what is difference between shia n sunni
2.what is the percentage of each sect in the world n in india?
3.Iran n Iraq ‘s shia sunni population?
4.turbo generators n jets?


1.Who was noorul hasan n his contribution n his political career
2.Who was gurunak n 9 gurus of sikh(school name)
3.Are u shia or sunni

Chairman said regarding completion of interview…i thanked him n other members ..interview duration 40 min

My scorecard

Essay 106

GS1 -87




Pub Ad-219

Interview -190

Feel free to ask your queries here

All the best !!!!!

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      I utilized every minute available with me like-going and coming from ofice in bus,lunch time,tea time in office .After coming from office I used to study 5-6hrs.
      You should start with initial reading of newspaper and NCERT and gradually build your base .

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    Mohd Zishan Ahamad

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    Assalamalekum sir.. myself Md. Maaz from kharagpur (W. B). maine apki orangabad wali speech suna nd i was much inspired.. My professon is Safety Officer therefore im willing to go gulf. Im suffering in some financial problems due to wich i hav to go gulf..Sir muge apki help chahye k kaise mai gulf m kaam v karsaku or UPSC ki tayyari bhi.. Or ek baat sir muge UPSC ke courses or books or study materials k bare me bhi aapse mashwarah chahye. So plz sir i need ur guidance. 7501512995 Sir agar apko time mle to plz muge is no pe aap help kardigyega… inshallah allah aapko iska ajar dega… dua ki darkhawast hai aapse.. Assalamalekum.. Allahafizz Sir..

  86. Khaja

    My self Mohammad Khaja I have stading b tech Eee in RRS engg Colloge at Hyd Iam average student I crack the upsc ?

  87. Ritesh

    Sir their is any physical requirements for ips….some how height and chest one….

  88. Md Asif Raza Ansari

    Thank you sir for shared the personal experience. Sir i have a question and question is that, may i write in urdu in main examination of upsc?

  89. Md Asif Raza Ansari

    Thank you sir for shared the personal experience. Sir i have a question and question is that, may i write in urdu in main examination of upsc? Sir i’ll wait for your reply

  90. Mohd Asif

    Asslamualekum sir…..
    My Self.Mohd Asif
    At the present time I am student of government polytechnic etawah.
    My branch Mechanical engineering production.(last year)
    Sir pls mujhe aapse se help chaiye Me Diploma ke baad Kya kru B.Tech bahut long ho jyga…
    Is liye sir khuch aisa bta dijiye Jo ki me jaldi kamyaab ho jao……..khuda Hafiz

  91. Shahnawaz alvi

    Respected sr please guide me for upsc AC DE prepration.

  92. danish ali

    Bahut bahut Mubarak ho sir…
    Sir mera aim bhi civil service ka exam crack Karna hai. Mai kabhi civil service ki preparation ke liye coaching nahi gaya. But self study karta hu. mera selection upp me constable ke liye hua hai mai aage study continue rakh kar preparation karna chahta hu.kya 6 hours ki study sufficient rahegi
    sir Agar mai mains ki preparation English ke bajae Hindi me karu toh marking me koi effect toh nahi padega…
    Please reply sir…

  93. rafat khan

    dear friend salam arz ……i am rafat khan from gs mentors ias institute ….delhi…
    mubarakbad….GOD BLESS YOU…DEAR….SALAMTI HO…………
    Rafat khan

  94. sandip ghodai

    You r so inspiring for me

  95. Ali Arbi Khan

    Sir plz. Guide me I want how became an IPS… I’m just preparation for NEET..

  96. Kajal Sodai

    HLO sir i want to ask very basic ques but pls sir rply it my ques is in prelimas which type of ques how many paper in that same in mains also

  97. Hania

    All of you improve listening skill.

  98. Daraksha Ahmad

    sir meri bsce 3 year start hogi. But sir me MBBS first year ki student hu aiims me kiya m upsc exam attend kru /MBBS kru. Plz suggest me

  99. Nida Abdul Hai Shaikh

    Good morning sir hamara Name Nida he ham Maharashtra se bat karre he ham ko aap se bat karni he kuch information leni thi kya aap hamari help karenge plz

  100. Vijay kumar

    Sir really you are great
    I give a one word to you from today i start my preparations……

    I wish to become a like you sir….
    I want contribute something to my country……

    I need you are help always…..

    • Uday

      I want to serve for society by civil services ‘ but the problem is that my English is weak ””I can understand English but not talk in English “” and I belong a hindi medium school ”I study in class 12th “”” please suggest me that how can I improov my English speaking skill”””””please please, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  101. Meraj Perwez

    Sir I want ias but my writting scile is no better

  102. Imran Sagar

    Bahut khoob my big brother and mere sir
    mai apke hi village harraipur se hu…
    mujhe aisa lagta hai noorul sir
    ke duniya me koi aisa shakhs nhi hai jo
    apke bare me jaan-ne ke bad
    apke liye dua na karta ho….
    imransagar harraipur

  103. adi

    sir i got 53% in my 10th class
    12th 59%
    Bsc 50%
    can i give this exam, how much these marks matter for selection
    plzzz reply

  104. Himanshu Gupta

    Sir polytechnic ke bad IPS banna possible hai

  105. Saher

    Sir maine graduation 2010 me complete Kiya with science background my subject was IT …then I got married…. And now I want to give this upsc CSE paper… I want to ask u k m eligible or not…..or if yes so MERI start kaise honi chahye

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